Q1. How much does the MASTAN2 software cost?

-Nothing, there is no charge to use MASTAN2.

Q2. Is MATLAB a free program?

-No, MATLAB may be purchased from www.mathworks.com.

Q3. What units does MASTAN2 assume?

-The only requirement with regard to MASTAN2's units is that consistent units should be used in defining loads, moments, section properties, lengths, material properties, etc. Examples: 1. Analysis in kips and inches: Input: E and Fy = ksi, A = in^2, I = in^4, Force = kips, Moment = kip-in, Wt. Density = k/in^3; Output: Deflections = in, Rotations = rads, Reaction and Member Forces=kips, Reaction and Member Moments = kip-in2. Analysis in metric might include kN and mm: Input: E and Fy = kN/mm^2 A=mm^2, I=mm^4, Force=kN, Moment=kN-mm, Wt. Density = kN/mm^3; Output: Deflections=mm, Rotations=rads, Reaction forces=kN, Member forces=kN, member moments = kN-mm. Note that the AISC database of section properties available in MASTAN2 comes in inch and mm units.
Rule of thumb:
In working in consistent units, first decide on the units you would like the deflections to be provided in (i.e. in, mm, etc.). Then decide on the units that you will use to define the applied forces (i.e. kip, kN, etc.). Now define all remaining quantities in terms of these length and force units.

Q4. In attempting to perform an analysis, I get "Unstable Structure." Do you have any suggestions on what to look for and how to resolve this problem?

-Yes, there are many reasons why structural analysis software such as MASTAN2 will indicate "Unstable Structure." Below is a link to a PDF file that contains the primary reasons. In reviewing these, please keep in mind that every node has six degrees of freedom (3 translation and 3 rotation) and all d.o.f. in a structural system must be restrained from moving freely. This restraint may be provided by elements connected to the node and/or by a support condition.
***Click here to obtain PDF file***.

Q5. After installing the executable version (version 2) of MASTAN2 on a PC, the program will not run and instead provides an error message indicating that a certain *.dll file(s) could not be located. Is there a remedy?

-Yes. It appears that the MCRInstaller.exe did not function properly. The most likely reason for this is that your computer may not have Visual C++ 2005 installed. Start by downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. For 32-bit systems, download the SP1 version of vcredist_x86.exe (available here). For 64-bit systems, download vcredist_x64.exe (available here). After downloading and installing this file, uninstall and then re-install MASTAN2.

Q6. When the MCRInstaller is running on a PC, a pop-up message appears indicating that the .NET Framework is not installed. How should I respond?

-Click the option to continue without installing .NET Framework.

Q7. Will the standalone version of MASTAN2 run on the Mac PowerPC architecture?

-No. The standalone version of MASTAN2 requires certain Matab libraries which (unfortunately) are only available for Intel Macs.

Q8. When using Mac OSX, why do I receive an error message and/or no printout when using the File->Print Photo option in MASTAN2 or MSAPlot?

-MASTAN2 is based on Matlab, a software product developed by The MathWorks. A Technical Solution to this problem is posted at the MathWorks site: www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/data/1-5DRO9Z.html.
The easiest way to fix this problem is to access the "cupsd.conf" file through a web interface by visiting the following link: http://localhost:631
This should bring up the Common UNIX Printing System page and following the below steps should fix the problem:
a. Click the button [Manage Server]
b. Under the "Server" heading, click the button [Edit Configuration File]
c. Scroll to the bottom of this file and add the following line:
      Printcap /etc/printcap
d. Click on the button [Save Changes] Note: You may have to login as the root user to edit this file.
e. Close web browser and the problem should be fixed.